Friday, August 21, 2009

I Can't Bring Back the Dead

In the 10 years that I've been doing tack repair, I've tackled some saddles that were pretty close to their last gasp. In a lot of those cases, the repairs have cost more than the saddles were actually worth - and I've told the owners so. But often it was a case of sentimental value: someone's first saddle, or one that they've had and ridden in for years, or one that was a gift from someone long dead. And I'm a wicked sucker for that sort of thing - I'll freely admit that I still have my first saddle and bridle (a red western pony-size set with brass tacks), as well as my old western saddle, and my mom's western tack. When it comes to horses and their paraphernalia, I'm nothing if not sentimental.

However, I know when I've met my match. I'm flabbergasted that someone thought this saddle was salvageable - though at first, it didn't look too bad:

A patch on the knee pad, and a few stitches on the flap. No biggie.

Then I looked at the front:

The panels needed to be sewn back on - again, not a huge deal. But then I saw the condition of the front of the panels:

And then I turned it over:

Yep, that's the foam inside the panels that you're seeing. Obviously, someone decided duct tape would be a good fix.

Obviously, this was one for the trash can. There's a lot I can do - but resurrection is beyond me!


jane augenstein said...

Wow, that poor saddle looks like it's had a rough life! I have put duct tape on a lot of things but I don't think I would put it on my saddle! That's funny.

autumnblaze said...

At the first picture I was like... man... it's not *that* bad! Then after that? Whoa.

That's pretty rough. Was there any specific sentiment attached to that saddle for them?

*going to pull the duct tape off my saddle... (j/k)

Jenna said...

I think we may be neighbors?

Jenna said...

I think we may be neighbors

saddlefitter said...

Seems that we are! Where in Sandgate areyou?

autumnblaze said...

Kitt - I sent you an e-mail (I finally remembered) regarding adding D-rings from another fitter. Also, I'm having another, more important issue with my boy and his saddle. I also e-mailed you about that - though my e-mail is acting stupid. You may have gotten one or 5 of the same e-mail. Sorry... The pictures I posted of he with and sans saddle are on my blog -

I'm not sure I trust this fitter near me and I would REALLY appreciate your help!

Anonymous said...

Wow. May it rest in pieces, er, in peace.
Joking aside, I have tack attachment, and could see myself begging you to fix the unfixable.

Ah duct tape. Who knew it was a possibility for saddle repair?
My condolences.