Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters in the US

As promised, here's a current list of the SMS QSFs here in the States:

Tiger Adams - The Horse in Sport - Grand Junction, CO  http://www.thehorseinsport.com/

Kate Wilson - Dutches Bridle & Saddle, Port Jervis, NY  http://www.dutchessbridlesaddle.com/

Suzie Fletcher-Baker (Master Saddler)  Eaton, CO  970 454 3556  http://www.masterssaddlery.com

Lucy Batchelor (Master Saddler) - Bridgehampton, NY  http://www.brennansbitandbridle.com/?page_id=30

Judi Berninger - Saddlers Row, Palatine, IL  http://www.tack-repair.com/saddles/dressage%20saddles/Albion%20Platinum.htm

David Boot (Master Saddler) - Bridgehampton, NY  http://www.brennansbitandbridle.com/?page_id=30

Nancy Dotti - Contact Saddles, Santa Rosa, CA  http://www.contactsaddles.com/about.htm

Annette Gavin - Hastilow Competition Saddles, Warfordsburg, PA  http://www.hastilowusa.com/

Beverley Harrison - The Tack Collection, Lafayette, CO  http://www.tackcollection.com/

Kate Lamacki (Master Saddler) Palatine, IL katelamacki@sbcglobal.net

Colleen Meyer  Advanced Saddle Fit Marlborough, NH  http://www.advancedsaddlefit.com/index.html

Cordia Pearson  The Saddle Fitter Stacey, MN  http://www.saddlefitter.com/

Kyrena Robinson The Paddock, Inc.  Ledyard, CT  http://www.thepaddockinc.com/category_s/64.htm

Nancy Shedrick NH  603-764-5899

Heather Soones-Booher Saddle Fitting 101, Portersville, PA  http://www.saddles101.com/

Cary Wallace Custom Saddlery San Marcos, CA  http://www.mysaddle.com/MYSADD~3/DesignResearch.html

Janet Wells Tunbridge, VT  jwhorsepower@innevi.com

Deborah Witty  -  Performance Saddlery, Groton, NY  http://www.performancesaddlery.com/

Bill Wood (William Gates Wood) VA  http://www.thesaddlefitter.com/


Cut-N-Jump said...

It is nice to know where some of these folks are, just for the sake of knowing where to turn for second opinions or someone local to go to for information or advice...

Not enough of you around!

Paradise Regained said...

Thanks for sharing this list! I was hoping you might have heard of a reputable saddle fitter (no certification necessary) in Ohio - preferably Columbus, Ohio. If so, would you mind passing along that information?


saddlefitter said...

PR, you might try Katie Gussenhoffen 724-462-4209 /katguss@access995.com; she's a County rep (or was) but works on other saddles. Cyndi Parks, Michigan, OH, & Chicago, IL friesianlady@hotmail.com 231- 233-0764; she's on the Borné rep list but may work on others. If you don't have any luck, let me know, and I'll see if I can find someone else!

Dawn said...

Add me to the list! I just successfully completed my Qualified Course, and am located in Washington State. ~ Dawn Anderson http://www.andersonequine.com

Dawn said...

Add me to the list! I just successfully completed the Qualified Course at Warwickshire Colllege, Morton Morrell. I'm located in Washington State, and am operating as an Independent Fitter at Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services. http://www.andersonequine.com

Sarah S. said...

I hate to have to ask (I couldn't find another way to get a hold of you) But I really need a saddle fitter for my warmblood but I live in north eastern MS, literally no saddle fitters are out here that I or my trainer can find. I was wondering if maybe you had any ideas? If you know anything that would be so helpful thank you so much!!

saddlefitter said...

Sarah, I don't know of anyone in MS, but here are a few in surrounding states who might travel/cover your area: Catherine Overstreet in Jacksonville, AL: 404/518-0306; Amanda Smith, Crossville, TN: 865/660-9138, and Kate Wooten, Maryville, TN: 865/207-4340. If they don't cover your area, they may know someone who does. If you don't have any luck, please let me know, and I'll network to find someone.

shruda said...

I am looking for a saddle fitter in the northeast Kansas area who will work on any brand of English saddle. does anyone know of such a person? thank you