Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Tis the Season

Wow - hard to believe another year has come and gone, and harder to believe I've been doing this blog for two years.  It's been a long and wonderful journey, and reading back, I can see that - bit by bit - my knowledge base has grown and I've added tools to my bag.  There's still a long road and a lot of blogging ahead; one of the great things about this job is that there's always a horse who'll defy all the rules or a saddle that will bring an innovative answer to a real head-scratcher of a problem ... always something new to learn.

So here's wishing you all the happiest of holidays, whatever you may celebrate (and if it was Hanukka, belated wishes).  Here's hoping the new year brings a greater dose of wisdom, tolerance and kindness to those who need it most, and will give us all the eyes to see the joy and beauty in our everyday lives, and remind us how very lucky we are to spend some time together on this plane. 

Peace, all.


Rebecca said...

Happy Holidays to you as well! I look forward to learning more next year! :)

jane augenstein said...

Christmas blessing to you and yours (all the four legged kids too!) :-)

Melissa said...

Happiest holidays to you as well. Looking forward to posts in the new year!