Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Vermont got hammered.  We were lucky:  the shop, the employees and families (two and four legged) are safe.  The worst we experienced was a road wash-out at Edie's place; otherwise it was a little water in the barn or basement, a day or so without power, or a new route to work.  I'll say it again:  we were lucky - insanely, incredibly, immeasurably lucky.  Many people weren't.


Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

That's just wild... Glad to hear you're okay. We lucked out where I am too, and weren't affected nearly as much as they thought we would be.

Did you see the video of the guy taking medicine across a swollen river on horseback?

saddlefitter said...

Thanks, Snowhawk. Glad to hear all's well with you. I did see the video of the guy on horseback; he's braver than I would have been in a strong current on blacktop with a metal-shod horse! Pretty amazing horse he has, too.

Val said...

So glad you and all kin are safe. Irene was a very serious threat, even if she did not strike exactly as predicted. I believe the eye passed over my area. The rain stopped and it was eerily hot in the middle of the night.