Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bye-Bye, UDBB

Cruised by the Ultimate Dressage bulletin board, and saw this message:

"This site is being closed under current management. It has been a long run, and there where some good times, but my mind and heart are no longer in this effort. I have not found an easy exit strategy over the years, so it will just come to shutting down, un-announced.
"If you would like to inquire about purchasing the domain name and/or forums as they existed on 4/13/2013 please contact directly.
"Mark Susol,"

Wow.  I'm completely floored.  Information, misinformation and speculation about the why and wherefore behind this are rife and easily found all over the Internet, but whatever the cause, I just find it a sad passing.  The UDBB was one of the first ways in which I became known in my own right rather than just as the shop's fitter; it introduced me to some very fine fellow fitters and more than a few customers, and helped me get the news out about my own business.

It would be nice if someone purchased the domain name and forums and continued with them.  But Mark Susol really helped me out through the UDBB (though he probably didn't know), and I really appreciate it.  I hope things turn out well for him, and that someone can help him out the way he helped me.

LONG-OVERDUE UPDATE:  I'm thrilled to say that the UDBB was resurrected shortly after it was closed.  I don't know all the ins and outs, but to whomever stepped in and took over, THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

Kitt, you will find that a new BB has arisen from the demise of UDBB. It's called, register and you'll find all your old friends there. : )

saddlefitter said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty surprised that it was closing down. You kind of think that something successful will go on forever, but I suppose that it was a lot of responsibility for him. Especially if he had a lot of other things going on as well. It makes me sad. I enjoyed talking to a whole bunch of people, on many different topics on UDBB. And I think that it helped me as a rider and a horse owner. I must say thanks to Mark for creating it though!

Jane Moody said...

Kitt, UDBB is how I found you, and ultimately how I found Louise, who has helped me tremendously. It was a great resource, and what I'm REALLY sorry about is the wealth of stored information that was lost with the closing.

Claire said...

good lord! i've not looked at that forum for a long time and then don't recall doing more than lurk, but amazed to hear it had closed down - but if it was all done by one person, not surprised!

Anonymous said...

looks like UDBB is back online as of a few days ago.