Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just to Clarify

I'm afraid that my last blog post was a bit unclear regarding whose template info I was passing on, and may have given the wrong impression.  The "Hey Santa - Reindeer Got Fur" part linked to the Kieffer USA site.  While that site sells Kieffer saddles and bridles, it is NOT under the auspices of "the" Kieffer Saddle Company in Germany.  From the Kieffer USA site:

"KiefferUSA.com is an independent company and is not in any way owned, or operated by Kieffer of Germany. KiefferUSA.com serves the riding public of the USA only. KiefferUSA.com is owned by a Master Saddle Designer who himself is an accomplished equestrian with more than 45 years of experience. He is an expert on the unique requirements of the North American rider."

Kieffer Saddlery's site is here.  Different kettle of fish.


Barefoot Basics said...

Umm, why do North Americans have unique requirements? And why do Kieffer feel the need to distance themselves from the other site? Seems a bit funny to me.

saddlefitter said...

I don't think NA horses and riders have unique requirements. This info seems to be put forth by KiefferUSA rather than the actual saddle company. No clue about the reasoning behind the "statement of independence" on the KiefferUSA site.