Monday, September 2, 2013

All You Have to Do is Ask

One of the nicest perks of being a saddle fitter is helping horses and riders find the saddle that works for them.  Another great perk is having a network of other fitters and saddlers with whom to collaborate, exchange ideas and geek on about saddles for hours.  That sort of support and mutual respect is a rare and wonderful thing; I really enjoy being able to ask questions of Wiser Heads, and in return offer whatever info I can.

In the past, I've had other fitters ask to use info and photos from my blog in projects they were doing, and I've always been happy to share, and frankly pretty pumped that folks found my info share-worthy.  I had lots of great mentoring when I began my saddle fitting journey, and I still have great mentors - so I like the idea of being able to pay it back (or forward).  And besides, it's just the kind and right thing to do.

So when it's brought to my attention that people are lifting stuff (and sometimes lifting a LOT of stuff) from my blog without asking, I start leaning toward the bitey side of my personality.  Even if they give me credit, using stuff without permission really isn't legal, and it's also downright rude (which to my mind is the real offense).  Again, I'll mention the little tag (which I know no one ever reads) at the bottom of the blog that says, "All content copyright Kitt Hazelton / Panther Run. Use and reproduction by permission only." 

Perhaps I'm being very naive here.  I know that putting stuff up on the Internet is the equivalent of throwing your valuables on the front lawn and thinking everyone will be honorable and not take anything. But my luck's been pretty good so far, and I'd like to think that things can continue that way.  So if you want to use any of the content on this blog, just ask - that's all you have to do.  I won't growl or bite or refuse - as I said, I like knowing that people find my blog useful.  But lift stuff without permission?  You'll see this side of me: